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Circuit éducatif "From Fram to Market"

Summer 2015

June 25-28 Rive-Nord
July 3-5 Calixa-Lavallée
August 7-9 Huntingdon

August 27-30

Ayer's Cliff



ExpoStars 2014

Contest Winners are now k nown. See the "EXPOSTARS" section for more details.


June 2011

Video "From Farm to Market"

Here is a short video of the educationnal circuit ''From farm to market''

Watch the video

April 2011

Launching of the educational circuit "From Farm to Market"






Most children know that the food they eat comes from the supermarket. But before that happened, food, or the raw material needed to manufacture it, have crossed a route that includes several steps. The goal of the educational circuit is to bring children from 3 to 10 to discover the farmer's work and the production of some food.

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